The Charmery’s hand crafted ice cream flavors rotate with the seasons, holidays, sports team victories, happenings in Baltimore, and the whim of David, our ice cream maker!

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We’ll always keep the classics and we love requests!

Our Flavors Rotate Daily…

Salty Caramel*
Old Bay Caramel*
Pure Vanilla*
Tell Tale Chocolate
Maryland Mud (Dark Chocolate with Oreos and Chocolate Chips)*
Mint Chocolate Chip*
Fresh Mint with a Figgy Lime Swirl
Chocolate Mountain Mint
Baker’s Backyard Mint
Malty Vanilla Chip
Berger Cookies and Cream*
Blueberry FroYo
Fat Elvis (Peanut Butter, Marshmallow, & Banana)
Pistachio Toffee Crunch*
Lemon Stick
Pumpkin with Chocolate Covered Pie Pieces
Mango Lassi
Cheesecake with Graham Cracker Swirl
Coffee by Spro
Duckpin Ale Chocolate
Cinnamon Chip
Nanners & Cream
Sesame & Sunflower
Crunch Davis
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel
Kulfi (Rosewater, Cardamom, Pistachio)
Spiked Egg Nog
Candy Crunch (M&M’s)
Chinese Food & a Movie (Buttered Popcorn with Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies)
Candy Cane
Thai Tea
Toasted Coconut (vegan)

*Classic Flavor that you’ll probably find in our dipping cabinet

Other Delicious Choices

Shakes and Malts - your favorite ice cream made drinkable

Root Beer Floats - with Dominion root beer fresh from the tap

Lime / Coconut-Lime / Mint-Lime Rickeys - a delicious handmade soda with fresh limes, soda water, and freshly made simple syrups

Signature Sundaes - fresh whipped cream, housemade brownies, cookies, hot fudge, caramel, and of course, a cherry on top

Crafted Ice Cream Cakes - designed and personalized for your special occasion (coming soon!)